Apple And Its On-Again, Off-Again Love Affair With Digital Currency

It seems most big businesses today just aren’t sure what to make of Bitcoin. On the one hand, the firms know their customers hear all about this brand new currency that is supposed to be the wave of the future. On the other hand, these same companies are hearing from governments and big banks that they should stay away from all types of crypto currency until the government and other authorities are sure it is actually safe to use. This kind of push and pull can lead to some rather odd behaviors from firms like Apple, which will look an awful lot like they simply aren’t being decisive at all when it comes to making a real call on what to do.

Apple looked especially like a firm that simply had no idea what it wanted to do when it came to the digital currency early in 2014. In a rather unprecedented move, the Cupertino company decided it would no longer allow any applications that dealt with the crypto currency in its app store. This led to quite a bit of an outcry from those developers who were working in this burgeoning market. It also lead to a number of customers wondering what Apple was so afraid of that it would allow access to something of this ilk. The app store has been known to leave people to their own devices quite often, giving customers a caveat emptor on the digital level.

Suddenly, Apple was telling people that this particular digital currency was too dangerous to leave in the public’s hands. Needless to say, there were people who were quite upset about the whole debacle. Quite interestingly, there were also a number of people who seemed almost relieved the potential to pick up one of these apps was completely removed. In a show of just how unpredictable the digital currency market is, Apple reversed its course less than three months later. While never saying why they specifically took either action, the Cupertino firm started letting applications back into the store that had to do with the currency. It has allowed them ever since, without a word of explanation for its reversal. And The Digital Currency

While the biggest drawback for digital currencies has been the lack of adoption rates, is trying to reverse course when it comes to one particular crypto currency. Despite a number of people moving as quickly away from Bitcoin as possible, the online retailer has made a large move towards the currency, announcing just last year it would be accepting it as payment. The move has been seen in the business world as one that makes quite a bit of sense for a company trying to stand out in a rather crowded market.

Overstock is, in effect trying to find a way to make a name for itself when there are already companies like eBay,, and a host of other firms already snapping up customers left and right. 10 years ago, a company that dealt exclusively in products one manufacturer or another had too many of and so they were willing to deal their overstock for a discount would be novel. These days, the Internet has made it far too easy to go this route on a regular basis. Companies that used to turn specifically to Overtstock in order to get rid of their excess are simply putting up Internet store fronts by themselves these days.

When a company is relying on a product or service that simply doesn’t have the same panache anymore, it’s actually quite admirable to see the higher ups go on the lookout for a new way forward. It’s far too early to tell if this way forward is going to be something the company can lean on. Reports are, accepting the crypto currency has actually lead to a new base of clientele and the front office claims it did more than $1 million using the digital purchasing format through the first six months of being introduced. The real question is whether or not this is a sustainable model. Can an online retailer build a market it rules because it’s the only one populating said market? is willing to give it a try and the company deserves quite a bit of praise for being willing to make a move.

Web Casino Vera John Accepts Bitcoin in Innovative New Decision

Bitcoin is potentially one of the greatest innovations in global currency the world has ever seen. Yet it will take many small steps to get to this stage, if it is ever attained at all. Vera John understands the complexities of digital currency and, of course, its incredible potential. The leading web casino is allowing players to amble with their Bitcoin, a groundbreaking decision that sees Bitcoin evolving further into its future.

But why is this a big deal? Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be traded to any other currency with immediacy, as well as transferred universally to any other country with no pause. Essentially, there are no banks and no fees. It is the universal currency, removing the middlemen from major parts of financial transactions.

This applies well to web transferring of funds, a major aspect of Vera John. Users can play existing games with Bitcoin instead of creating a Bitcoin exclusive platform. This is an essential distinction. It means that players can play with Bitcoin in one game and the euro in another, and switch seamlessly between these two options. Players can subsequently play their Bitcoin against people using a euro, and the system handles itself with brilliant ease.

It will likely take a number of years before Bitcoin proves its longevity. But it is these seemingly small embraces of the currency that give it a healthy future. Vera John is stepping into an unknown territory, but it is this risk that will payoff soon enough.

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