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These Lucky Symbols Could Bring you Good Fortune

Gamblers are no doubt some of the most superstitious folk around. Gambling is a game of chance, so it is only natural that long-term players develop some sort of ritual or superstitious tendencies in the hope that it increases their chances of winning. Many gamblers, at least the more experienced types, have some sort of lucky charm that they bring to the casino or carry with them whenever playing high stakes games. Players will look for signs to help them decide on their next move.

It could be a colour, an item or even a feeling, and this helps player’s play with more confidence. Whether it actually provides any real luck is debatable, but having these sort of signs surely assists the gambler in making betting decisions. There are several popular superstitious that exists in the gambling world, and some of these have been passed on through many generations. Many players swear by these lucky symbols and rituals for a prosperous gambling experience.

Some of the most common lucky charms used in gambling include:

  • Carrying a rabbit’s foot or horseshoe
  • Four leaf clovers
  • A personal lucky charm like a piece of jewellery or childhood item
  • To blow on a dice before they are rolled
  • Crossing fingers
  • Wearing a certain item of clothing like a lucky tie
  • Wearing a certain lucky colour
  • To stack the chips on the table in a particular way
  • Carrying a certain animal’s toenail
  • Rubbing lucky oil or hand wash on the hands before playing
  • Lucky roots or herbs
  • Performing different rituals before playing is also common, and this practice has probably been around as long as the game of gambling itself. Players partake in a range of different rituals, some common, while others are more personal and may even seem bizarre. Some rituals practised before gambling could include:
  • Bathing in lucky soaps and applying lucky oil or lotion to the body and hands before starting your game.
  • Wearing a lucky piece of clothing or jewellery every time a player participates in a casino game.
  • Lightning candles, chanting and praying.
  • Many players check their horoscopes to see if it gives any indication of having a good or bad experience.
  • Some players have rituals they perform during a gambling session instead of before, and can vary between:
  • Bringing a personal item or childhood toys like a doll or stuffed toy to the gambling table. Players will usually place these items on the table during the game.
  • While playing slots, players have been known to talk, fondle or even kiss the slot machine for luck. Players have also been known to kick the slot machines to ‘loosen’ up the machine and thus increasing the winning potential
  • Video poker players have certain rituals as well. Many will hit re-deal whenever they win a hand or hit the single bet button five times in a row on a losing hand. Other players tap the right side of the machine in the hopes that they are dealt favourable cards.